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Exceptional Windows 10 Shortcuts For Best Performance!

Windows 10 is the most popular operating system by Microsoft. It has changed the way people perceive technology. With Windows 10 in your laptop you can open up a world of opportunities to work with. Majority of the corporate companies today have their operations set up on Windows 10 and want their employees to work on the same.

While professionals have advanced knowledge of Windows 10, some beginners find it a struggle to keep up with the system. It is best to implement some Windows 10 shortcuts to enhance performance!

Learn the basic shortcuts

There are some basic windows shortcuts which if implemented in the general working on the windows 10 by Microsoft can ease the working. These basic shortcuts can be used on the laptops or computers with only the keyboards and not for the touch screen ones. There are some known shortcuts which need to be learnt like:

  • Use Window key for the start menu
  • Windows key plus the letter keys for a range of actions to take place on the screen. Windows+E opens up the explorer, Windows+I opens the settings, Windows + S opens start search, and Windows + C opens Cortana.
  • The combinations of the keys like CTRL, ALT, SHIFT, HOME etc make different actions on the screen. These are prompts to help open up some keys that are available on the drop down menus. CTRL+Shift+T open a new tab, CTRL+Shift+Home select the text.

Browser shortcuts

There are some browser shortcuts which saves one’s energy from working too much for the search or typing. Here these shortcuts make life easier on a daily basis. CTRL +T opens a new tab, while CTRL + SHIFT + T opens the last closed tab. CTRL +D sets a page as bookmark and CTRL +ENTER adds a quick ‘.com’ to the address.

Basic commands and tools

Windows 10 comes with a lot of preinstalled software and tools to make use of. These include Microsoft office tools, music and video players, paint, calculator etc to use. Learn the basic tools to make use of the best of the system at your hand. You can make presentations, write content and do accounting with the help of these at a faster pace.

Windows shortcuts allow you to do a variety of commands and actions in less time than it would actually require. It eases the work speed and makes you comfortable working on the system.

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