Physical security information system and its key features

Security is a big issue for many corporate and firms as there’s always a risk of lose or theft of confidential data, networks, important information, software, companies intangible assets and much more. The fact is that bigger the firm, more the data and moreover it would be more confidential. Losing that data would cost more than you can ever imagine because the real capital invested is not in money terms but in those ideas which are saved in your data files, anyone who steals and uses that data can clone your ideas.

You could either lose you data in some natural disaster or in any theft. Although, your data would not land in some wrong hands but still it can’t be retrieved and it’s worse if it gets stolen that means you can neither get your data back nor you can save it from being misused. Both the conditions are miserable and they conclude that for your company’s safety you don’t just have to protect your data from vulnerable threats and calamities but also you should always have their backup.

In such situations PSIM or Physical Security Information System is necessary security software for any firm. It secures and manages your data with concepts of business intelligence and information management. You can visit the website of Qognify for more and detailed information about PSIM. It is revolutionary software because of its amazing features and technology. Some of its key features are:

Analysis and Verification – It is smart security software which collects and protects the data from every online and offline security system as well as device. Also, it can analyze the real time threat in any data or can detect any alarm, etc.

Mobile connectivity – A must feature of any security system is its mobile connectivity. This feature can help you in many situations like it can notify or alarm you about any threat or theft of your data, so that you can take actions in no time and save your data.

Updating Data – PSIM has the feature of updating your data in real-time that means it will correlate your previous data with the current updated data so that there won’t be any lags or mismatch in your data. Also, this is very useful in case of continuously generating the backups of your updated data.

Cyber Security – Almost every corporate device runs online, so there’s always a need to protect from malwares and internet threats. Any hacker can attack or tamper your data from online streams, so this software can secure it from every internet threat.

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