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Why Having an AMP Website is Important for SEO?                            

If you are new to the term Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), you have come to the right place. Everyone is talking about it and its benefits for SEO. Some say it will improve your Google ranking while others say it will get you a fast label designation on the search results. But is it really that great? Let’s find that out:

What is AMP?

It is an open source coding standard designed for publishers. It helps them load their website faster on mobile. It’s an alternative to mobile responsive websites that can be slow and clunky. They contain desktop sources which are heavy and they are unnecessary for a mobile website. There was a time when AMP was only considered best for user experience. Since Google is backing it up, lots of website owners have started using it.

How does AMP help with SEO?

AMP helps web pages load faster. So, if you want to improve the usability of your website and make visitors stay longer, this could be it. Once the load time improves, it will improve user engagement, reduce bounce rate and improve the mobile ranking of your website.

One important thing to keep in mind is that AMP does not improve engagement alone. Yes, it will make your web pages load faster and encourage visitors to stay. But if the content on your website is not entertaining or useful, this will not bring any improvement in engagement. If your load time is great but the content is boring, this will not change your SERP. In fact, it will increase the bounce rate. In order to make AMP actually work for your website, you must first have superb content on your website.

Should you use AMP?

The answer is yes. Here is a quick look at the benefits of using it on your website:

  • It increases load time: AMP is fast and lean. It will make your webpages load faster which is what visitors love about a website. And a website that loads faster attracts more visitors.
  • It improves mobile ranking: AMP is not actually a ranking factor but it has the potential to improve the ranking of your website. Since it improves the load time, Google will notice that and it will improve your SERP.
  • It improves server performance: AMP can reduce the load on the server and improve performance. So as your web traffic starts increasing, you won’t have to worry about a sudden crash.

AMP has the potential to make your website’s visitors happy. This is what makes Google happy and once Google is happy, that means your website ranking is going to increase.

One downside of AMP is that it is not that simple to install. WordPress users use the AMP plugin to install but it is not that great. You may have to place the tags and code manually which is quite time-consuming. But this information is not meant to discourage you. Take your time to understand how to install AMP on your website and go from there.

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