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Why People Are Shifting Towards Windows 10 Pro!

Microsoft has increases its popularity several notches higher with the latest launch of Microsoft 10 and its versions. One of the remarkable moves has been the introduction of Windows 10 Pro, the professional version of the system that serves the evolving business environment and professionals.

People are resorting to buy windows 10 pro key for its effervescent use and the super exciting features that are exclusively designed for the pro version.

Bitlocker – Safe and secured files

With the introduction of Windows 10 Pro comes the chance for the users to lay hands on one of the super advanced features of storing files on the system – bitlocker. Bitlocker uses the Blockchain technology to save the files of the system in encrypted form. Here the users can choose to keep their confidential filed into the Bitlocker safety where it is only the authorized access and specialized control that can open up the encrypted files. This protects data from potential hackers.

Remote access control

Windows 10 home allows for remote access control system but it is only limited to access and assistance. But with the Pro version the professionals aren’t just able to go into their system through remote access but also work on it from a distance. This allows merging of the data through cloud computing so that the barriers of distance can be removed while acknowledging work in a more robust environment.

WDAG on the Edge

The Spartan lets the internet be a more secured and safe place for the users. With the Pro version the Windows Defender Application guard filters the data browsed on the internet, restricts the downloading of unwanted files and also protects the system from internet theft and other hazards. It makes the professional working environment secured from the many obstructions that come in through the open window called the internet!

Specialized tools

The pro version isnt just a secured system for the professionals, it also brings in new set of tools and application to make working in a business environment swift. There are special applications designed for the calculations, developing of websites, scientific formulas etc to aid the business process. Apart from the office tools the professionals can make use of these advanced tools to solve their daily work need.

Windows Pro is a much advanced step into working in a global environment. It brings together the technology advancement and simplicity of working with the system even miles apart!

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